I like to have a good time
any of my friends will tell you
but when you confront me with stupidity
I’m doubly angry at you
and I say: nip! nap! it’s all a trap
bo! bis! and so was this
whoa! whoa! to haiti go,
and watch it all come down
ding! dong! a silly song
sure do say something’s wrong
smile awhile, forget the bile
and watch it all come down

so I become more lively
to bury all of the ugly
whole persons sometimes
must be them bodies buried


and I toe the water
and an urchin poke me
an’ I must be godfather
to anyone who’ll have me

today was another day full of dread
but I never said I was afraid
dread and fear should not be confused
by dread I’m inspired, by fear I’m amused


1 reactie

  1. Daag J.
    Hold time lukt niet. Je blijft stilletjes verder zweven….

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